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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Birthday, Pumpkins, and Dragons

On Oct 8th, Noah shared a birthday party with a member of our ward. They both had a great time, and enjoyed the cakes that Laura made for them.
Poor Noah has a negligent father, and his birthday passed with the bloggosphere wholly unaware. Luckily, his mother was in charge of the actuall celebration.
Today, we all got to go a pumpkin patch with Nick's preschool class. They even paid for Nick and Noah to each take home a pumpkin, as long as they could lift it up themselves. The farm also had a few different animals to see, like an alpaca, a llama and a reindeer. But the best part was the hay bale shute.

If any of you have not yet seen How to Train Your Dragon, I highly recomend doing so. Preferably with out your children. They're very distracting while your trying to enjoy the show. Laura, Nick and I saw this movie in the theator, and Nick was very well behaved and quiet, and we all really enjoyed it. Over the last week end, I rented the Blu Ray from a redbox, andtook it to a friends house(I don't have a blu ray player). With our kids, and the two other families' kids there, no one could hear much of the dialoge, and while the kids were running and shouting, us adults where unable to enjoy it at all. Oh well. Any way, at Walmart, they had this promotion where if you bring your own camara, they'll print off a free 5x7. These are a couple of the pictures I took. Laura wasn't with us, or I would have had pictures of her and myself.


  • We have seen that movie and really liked it.

    I love this pictures of the boys on the dragon!

    By Blogger Jess and Jason, At 5:08 PM  

  • Very cute cakes! Fun pumpkin patch! We have not seen the movie but hope it's on a good black Friday sale and hope to buy it!
    Happy Birthday Noah!

    By Blogger Pitcher Family, At 7:02 AM  

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